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6 Steps to Setup/ Download /Install Alexa Echo

Alexa Echo app, a virtual assistant created by Amazon, is getting massive popularity worldwide. Primarily, it was used in Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot smart speakers. It is highly capable for music playback, voice interaction, making to-do lists, streaming podcasts, setting alarms, playing audio-books, providing real-time information for weather, traffic, sports, news etc. The growing popularity of Alexa Echo app is making it a new member in more and more houses and offices to control multiple devices also. Alexa Echo app is next generation ‘home automation manager” for one and all.


Alexa Echo App Setup Download | Download Alexa App For Android, Windows and IOS

How to set-up Amazon Alexa Echo:

Amazon Echo device is your all time friend to simplify the things so that you could enjoy the everyday life at home or office in more relaxing manner because it is hands-free and voice-controlled speaker device that can do too much at your voice commands but you have to set it up first with ‘welcome note’

Step1: Download Alexa Echo App – A Diet for Alexa Echo

The free to download Alexa app is all that you need to set up Alexa Echo device. You can download it on any smartphone or tablet configured for iOS 11.0, Android 5.1, Fire OS 5.3.3 or the higher version of these. Just open up the app store that that you get with Echo Dot or Alexa Echo device and get on “Alexa app.”

Step2: Let The Device Greet You: 

Simply plug- in the power adapter into the Echo to connect it power outlet. Light ring turns the blue to indicate that the device is power connected. Wait for 3-4 seconds! The blue Light will turn to orange indicating that Alexa is getting ready to greet you. Are you also ready to welcome your new friend? Within seconds wait, you’ll hear a pleasant Alexa’s voice telling that the device is ready for the start-up set-up.

STEP 3: Connect Your Echo Device To WI-FI:

The latest versions of the Echo devices guide you to connect the device with available Wi-Fi network. Alexa app, you can download alexa app, helps you find the available network at your place. Ensure that Alexa Devices is marked in menu. Once you are connected by Amazon after confirming your Wi-Fi password, it is manageable to set up new Alexa Echo device on the same network or to ask more Echoes for other places. Yes, you can connect your device with public network.

STEP 4: Say “Alexa” to Greet Your Friend:

“Alexa” is the by default wake up word; however, you can change the word to greet your friend as you like; it may be “Echo,” “Amazon,”, “Mr. T,” “Honey” or anything else.    

STEP 5: Your Friend Is Ready To Obey Your Commands:

Amazon Echo is all set to serve you. Alexa app menu, displays two sections –‘Skills & Games’ and ‘Things to Try’.  Skills help you customize Alexa device to manage with multiple mini-apps from different devices and appliances that you use for organization, entertainment, and for more.

STEP 6: Enjoy Freedom to Move by Connecting Alexa Echo with External Speaker:

It is an optional step that you can do whenever you need it. You will find ‘Smart Home’ on the Alexa app menu,; here, Alexa searches for nearby connected smart devices that can be paired up. You can use ‘Add Device’ option also if Alexa Echo device can't locate the device to be connected. 

Concluding Note:

The arrival of Alexa Echo device is changing the way of living in modern age where everyone wants more comfort without any compromise with professional or personal engagements. The Amazon Alexa Echo device comes with surety of anytime support; if you feel any problem in set up, you are just a call away from the professionals.